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December 2020 Update: the project (#608298 with MassDOT) is now listed for construction in "Autumn 2021". There are a few remaining milestones for the Town including its lease agreement with National Grid plus some final permitting and minor easements. These items actively being worked on. 

As of October 2018: the 100% Design Plan for the Groveland Community Trail is submitted to both MassDOT and National Grid. 


The off-road "rail trail" segment of this project is scheduled to receive construction funds ($2,365,973) in FY2021 by way of MassDOT's planned 2019-2023 Transportation Improvement Program (TIP). This off-road trail section of the Groveland Community Trail will be a 2 mile, shared-use paved path connecting multiple community areas, including the Bagnall Elementary School, the Center Street Greenway, Shanahan Field, and multiple residential neighborhoods.


Ultimately, the vision is for two connected trail segments; plus longer term interconnecting spokes:


  • 2 miles off-road from 441 Main Street to King Street via National Grid's right-of-way. 

  • 1.3 miles on-road from Town Hall to 441 Main Street via Main Street

  • Longer term, key connections to improved sidewalks and other pedestrian transportation improvements; many funded by MassDOT's ongoing Complete Streets Funding Program


At Groveland's 2014, and 2015 Annual Town Meetings, voters supported warrant articles approving existing CPA funds for design work - and again in 2016, voters approved existing CPA dollars to finalize Groveland's commitment to design costs of the off-road trail segment. 


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Key Design Plans

100% Design Plan (off-road segment)

75% Design Plan (off-road segment)

25% Design Plan (off-road segment)

Preliminary ROW Plans (off-road segment)

10% Design Plan (on-road segment)

Preliminary MassDOT PIF & PNF Forrms


Historical Milestones

October 2018: BOS update (PPT) (YouTube)

May 2017: MassDOT Public Design Hearing

Oct 2016: Site Walk with MassDOT

Sep 2016: MassDOT Project Manager Assigned

Aug 2016: Added to MassDOT Funding TIP

Feb 2016: MassDOT PRC Approval Letter 

July 2015: MassDOT Acknowledgement Letter 

June 2015: PIF and PNF Forms Submitted

Jan 2016: BOS Project Status Update


Letters of Support

2016: Chesterton
2016: Sen Tarr, Rep Mirra (ROW Lease)

2014: MVPC to Groveland BOS

2015: Essex National Heritage

2014: Sen Tarr, Rep Mirra (Funding)


CPC Warrant Article Proposals

20162015 and 2014 


Annual Town Meeting Warrants

2014, 2015, and 2016


Trail Map

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