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Warrant article: Passed, at Town Meeting 2014

The 2014 warrant article commits Groveland to a conceptual design and confirmation of clear titles. It does NOT commit the Town to any final design elements or further financial commitments and will NOT raise taxes.  


Important: this warrant article and committing the requested CPA funds WILL fund

  1. An engineer-led conceptual design, which will then allow Groveland to begin an informed dialogue with: 

    • Property owners whose land abuts the proposed trail 

    • National Grid to begin iterative dialogue for necessary 99-year lease negotiations 

    • MassDOT to formally raise awareness of the project's plan

    • Regional and local boards and committees to align priorities and interests

    • Georgetown, Haverhill and West Newbury, who have future access points to our trail

    • Other interested parties (e.g., local business, schools, organizations)

  2. Confirmation of clear titles by a Lawyer 

    • Confirm clean titles to assure that the land is, in fact, developable (all indications show there will be no complication)

  3. Public Engagment Plan: multiple public hearings to enagage all parties 


Important: this warrant article WILL NOT:

  1. Raise taxes or create new taxes

  2. Commit to any final design elements (e.g., route, surfacing, aesthetics) 

  3. Commit to any additional funding

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