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Basic project facts

Questions will be answered over time, but here are some basic facts for consideration

Proposed starting point: Town Hall / The Pines Recreation Area (see maps)


Proposed end point: King Street (at utility right-of-way intersection)  (see maps)


Key community areas connected: (see community benefits)

  • The Pines Recreation Area

  • The Center Street Greenway

  • Shanahan Field

  • The Bagnall Elementary School

  • Perry Park Nursery School

  • Town Hall

  • Police Department

  • Fire Department

  • Langley-Adams Library

  • Bates Bridge with walking access to Riverside Plaza in Haverhill

  • Groveland Town Center

  • Elm Park

  • Scenic Merrimack River views along Main Street

  • Multiple residential neighborhoods 


On-road segment: This future proposed sidewalk segment will begin at Town Hall and run along Main Street to Bates Bridge, continuing along Main Street to Shanahan Field, continuing to 441 Main Street (former Esty Lumber site). (see maps)


Off-road segment: continuing from 441 Main Street (former Esty Lumber site), along the abandoned Georgetown Branch rail-road tracks (currently a utility right-of-way owned and operated by National Grid) to the intersection of Center Street & School Street, crossing both, and continuing along the right-of-way to, and terminating at, King Street at the Georgetown border. (see maps)


Planned length: 3.25 miles (Town Hall to King Street) 


Planned surface: Paved


Terrain: The Grovelend Community Trail will be mostly flat, with minor and gently rolling slopes.


Future Connections: The Groveland Community Trail is well-positioned to connect with the future Bradford Rail Trail in Haverhill (at 441 Main Street), the Border to Boston Trail via Georgetown (at King Street), and the Merrimack River Trail (at Town Hall on Route 113). (see maps).  


Planned uses: The Groveland Community Trail will be handicap accessible and available to all ages and abilities for walking, jogging, bicycling, inline skating, families with children in strollers, snow-shoeing, cross country skiing, and other non-motorized recreational activities, all while providing a safe, healthy and scenic means to enjoy the outdoors (see maps)                                                             

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