History of the Georgetown Branch ROW

Some key events:

  • January 1851: construction begins on Georgetown Branch rail corridor in Groveland, Haverhill & Georgetown 

  • September 1851: Georgetown Branch rail corridor is completed 

  • 1925: first formal abandonment attempt is unsuccessful 

  • 1926: many ROWs, including Georgetown Branch ROW, are leased to Eastern MA Electric

  • 1930: revisionary taking of Georgetown Branch ROW (and others) by Eastern MA Electric to prevent lands reverting back to previous owners upon a successful formal abandonment attempt (surveyor plans

  • 1933: passenger service discontinued

  • 1941: second formal abandonment attempt is successful 

  • 1942: formal abandonment of the Georgetown Branch, ​transferring ownership to Eastern MA Electric

  • 1942-Present: Eastern MA Electric becomes National Grid and operates the ROW as an active utility coridor 


For a more-detailed narrative on many of the above referenced dates and events, view this scanned copy of B&M Bulletin, Fall 1977.

© Boston & Maine Railroad Historical Society, Inc. Used with permission.

To the best of our knowledge, the history and ownership of the Georgetown Branch ROW is straight forward and depicted below.