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Estimated project timeline

Updated: May 2017


We continue to accelerate our progress; we are scheduled to receive construction funding for the entire off-road trail segment in FY2019


Below is an estimated timeline for the Groveland Community Trail project.  




  • 2012: MVPC Feasibility Study for the Georgetown Branch Trail

  • April 2014: favorable Town Meeting vote – $150,000 of CPA funds appropriated to begin design plans for the Groveland Community Trail

  • July 2014: title work for National Grid ROW confirmed by attorney – no encumbrances

  • July 2014: RFP and engineer partner selection process completed – FST awarded contract

  • November 2014: wetlands flagging completed

  • December 2014: field survey began, with entry-permission granted from National Grid for ROW

  • January 2015: field survey completed

  • February 2015: draft 25% Design Plan completed for review and finalizing with Town officials and residents

  • February-March-April 2015: public forums with BOS, abutting property owners, others – led by OSTC, with FST – to introduce and review draft 25% Design Plan – thereafter, finalizing and submitting to MassDOT and National Grid *

  • April 2015: Annual Town Meeting vote APPROVED to appropriate $150,000 – funds to pay for 100% Design Plan for ROW

  • June 2015: PIF and PNF forms submitted to MassDOT

  • July 2015: 2015 CPA funds available to FST to begin advancement of the 25% Design Plan to a 100% Design Plan

  • February 2016: MassDOT Project ID# 

  • March 2016: 25% Design Plan submitted to MassDOT & National Grid

  • April 2016: CPA vote for $55,300 to complete design and construction engineering services requirements for entire off-road trail section

  • August 2016: Off Road trail segment is voted to be inserted to MassDOT 2017-2021 funding queue (aka TIP) for $2.67MM in year 2020

  • September 2016: MassDOT formally assigns a Project Manager to our 25% Design review

  • October 2016: site walk with Project Manager and others from MassDOT, and MVPC, and Groveland DPW. No major issues uncovered.  

  • Feb 2017: all comments received from MassDOT for our 25% Design Plan.

  • March 2017: engineer replies to MassDOT comments; requests 25% Design Public Hearing (for June)

  • June 2017: 25% Design Public Hearing

  • January 2018: 75% Design Plan submitted to MassDOT

  • July 2018: reprogrammed for FY2021 TIP

  • Sept 2018: 100% Design Plan submitted to MassDOT and National Grid

  • Calendar Year 2020: revised 100% design plans submitted; project is programmed for advertising "Autumn 2021"

  • August 2021: Advertised for construction with MassDOT

  • December 2021: Construction commenced


To Be Completed (all dates are estimates):


  • 2022/2023: complete construction & open the GCT!

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