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Community Benefits

There are many community benefits of similar recreational trail development projects.  In Groveland's case, it will provide current & future residents with safe, scenic, and healthy recreation & pedestrian transportation across Town..


Important: this project aligns closely with Groveland's: 

  1. 2010 Open Space Survey which indicated strong voter preference for preserving open space for recreation


Specific examples of benefits include:

  • Walking, jogging, biking, stroller, etc, access for families in many residential neighborhoods:

    • Schools: Bagnall Elementary & Perry Park 

    • Recreation facilities: The Pines, Shanahan Fields, future Center Street Greenway

    • Local businesses: Groveland Center (e.g., Groveland Diner), Post Office, River’s Edge Plaza

    • Town offices: Town Hall, Library, Police, Fire

    • Natural open spaces: "Rail Trail" segment from Esty's to King Street, Elm Park, Future Center Street Greenway

  • Walking dogs on leash

  • Healthy, low impact exercise for all ages and abilities

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