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Onward to April 2014 Town Meeting

On February 3rd, the Groveland Open Space and Trails Committee (OSTC) secured the necessary warrant article for Groveland's April 2014 Town Meeting which will offer voters the opportunity to commit CPA dollars for some specific components of this project's initial design (e.g., field survey, title work, conceptual design)

The OSTC is excited to announce that it will host multiple public information sessions before April 28th to educate residents, answer their questions, and ask for their much-needed input -- we strongly encourage anyone with questions and/or good ideas to join us. Ultimately, any final trail design will be the result of a collaborative effort driven by a constructive and iterative community dialogue.

Please be on the lookout for more specifics in the coming weeks on how you can be part of the effort, including dates and locations of the public information sessions.

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