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Success: First Public Information Session

Last night, on February 25th 2014, the Groveland Open Space and Trails Committee hosted its first public information session. Below is the recap sent to the project's Facebook Page following:

Many thanks to those who attended tonight's information session. Without a doubt, it was a productive beginning to a public dialogue that we are excited to see evolve leading up to the April 28th Annual Town Meeting and beyond.

Two key takeaways:

1) Awareness: Every "like", every "share", every word-of-mouth mention has been, and will continue to be, critically important in empowering voters to show their support at Town Meeting. It's been clear, and tonight reaffirmed, that this project aligns closely with residents' priority and passion for preserving open space for recreation. We can all play a part by spreading the word of this FB Page, the Website, and the project overall with our personal Groveland networks in the coming weeks.

2) Idea Sharing: The Groveland Open Space and Trails Committee cannot succeed by itself and will continue soliciting ideas from everyone it engages with. Tonight alone surfaced no less than 5 net-new & actionable ideas to enhance conversations and awareness with the community. We look forward to hearing more ideas from others as we move forward.

Additional information sessions will be hosted between now and April's Town Meeting for those unable to join this evening -- details will follows soon.

We look forward to continuing the dialogue with everyone and thank you all for your ongoing support.


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