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Recap: Public Information Session, March 24th

Many thanks to those who attended last night's public information session -- your contributions were invaluable.

​Three words summarize the conversation from an Open Space & Trails Committee perspective:

  1. Productive (everyone appeared to walk out with a clearer understanding of others' opinions than when they walked in)

  2. Constructive (new & varying perspectives, like those contributed last night, will be important to ensure all interests have a voice in the ongoing public dialogue)

  3. Encouraging (despite individual concerns, all appeared open to continuing a healthy & respectful dialogue focused on finding solutions to those concerns)

It's important to remember:

  • The 2014 warrant article to be voted at April 28th Town Meeting commits us to a conceptual design only. It DOES NOT commit to any design elements or further financial expenditures.

  • A conceptual design will allow project leaders to responsibly engage all parties in formal public dialogue supported by facts.

  • Our project will incur NO new taxes, now or in the future. 100% Groveland's financial commitment over the next many years will be paid for with existing CPA funds (i.e., funds already set aside for exactly this type of project) and MassDOT state funds.

  • A finished trail is 8-10 years away. The project timeline is a long and very iterative process, which respects the opinions of all interested and affected parties.

  • There will be many voter decision-points. Like the vote on April 28th, residents will have multiple opportunities to formally support or dissent the project's advancement as the conversation gets deeper into specifics.

Tell Your Friends & Neighbors: We host our next public info session on Thursday April 17th at Bagnall, 7 PM.

Questions? Please email us or contact us on Facebook.

See you all on April 17th.

Thank you.


Michael Davis

Member, Groveland Open Space & Trails Committee

Project Lead, Groveland Community Trail

#publicinformation #bagnall

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