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Passage of 2014 Warrant Article

On April 28th 2014, at Groveland's Annual Town Meeting, voters overwhelmingly voted to approve a warrant article to commit CPA dollars to confirm clear titles and create a conceptual design. The latter will allow project leaders to responsibly engage all uniquely-interested parties (e.g., abutting property owners, National Grid, regional & local boards) in fact-based dialogue to ultimately work towards a mutually-beneficial design for the most number of people possible.

Underlying voters' overwhelming support, were the "Favorable Action" nods from both the Finance Board and the Board of Selectmen.

Next steps will involve the Open Space and Trails Committee (OSTC) Securing the most appropriate partners to 1) confirm clear titles, and 2) create a conceptual design -- funds for both were approved by the warrant vote and will be available on July 1. It is OSTC''s goal to have all partners lined up well ahead of July 1.


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