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CPC Needs Assessment / Likely 2015 Warrant


On Monday October 27th, 2014, a member of the Groveland Open Space and Trails Committee (OSTC) offered the Community Preservation Committee (CPC) and those watching at home, early details for OSTC's likely request for a CPA warrant to be voted on at April's 2015 Town Meeting.

Based on estimates by the Town's engineering partner, Fay Spofford and Thorndike (FST), OSTC projects it will seek a 2015 warrant article in the amount of $150,000. OSTC's proposal, along with all others CPA proposals, is due by December 31, 2014.

These $150,000 will complete the 100% design plan for off-road segment of the proposed Groveland Community Trail in - this is the 2 miles from 441 Main Street (former Esty Lumber) to King Street (Georgetown border) along the utility corridor currently owned and operated by National Grid. The 100% design study will be in full compliance with all MassDOT standards and will continue to be the anchor for legal and design considerations with all uniquely-interested parties including MassDOT, National Grid, and abutting property owners.

OSTC still believes its original projections of Groveland's all-in financial commitment for 100% of the design costs for both the on-road segment (Town Hall to 441 Main Street, via Main Street) and the off-road (441 Main Street to King Street along National Grid corridor) will be in the $550,000 range - funding to advance the on-road design (in addition to the then-completed 100% design for the off-road segment) is expected sometime in or after 2016.

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