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Maintaining the Groveland Community Trail

Many have asked our Open Space and Trails Committee how the Groveland Community Trail will be maintained, and who will pay for it.

Although exact answers are still to be determined, the informed perspective includes:

  1. Actual maintenance is minimal. Bi-annual mowing of the 2 foot grass shoulders and bi-annual raking and tash pickup are most common.

  2. Costs for maintenance are also relatively minimal. Other local towns with similar trails have $2,000 or $3,000 per year budgets for the above-mentioned maintenance.

  3. Raising maintenance funds can be achieved with simple approaches. Both Danvers and Salisbury bring in funds well exceeding the annual maintenance budget in the community-engaging approach of mile-marker sponsorships. This is a great way to raise significant funding, while involving local businesses, organizations, families and individuals with the spirit of a safe, scenic and healthy community asset.

Additional details will be clarified in the months ahead - if anyone has questions, please email


Groveland Open Space and Trails Committee


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